Surprise Your Spouse With One of These 3 Home Transformations for Valentine’s Day

Has your spouse been talking nonstop about a home project that would be a dream-come-true gift?

There are certain projects that are fun to do over the weekend as a date-night project, but others are hassle some. There are some home projects that are just meant to call in the professionals for. If you are wanting to create the perfect Valentine’s gift that will last for years to come, we can help you here at Harkraft.

What would be the best home transformation for your spouse’s Valentine’s gift? From wine cellars to laundry rooms, Harkraft can make any homey vision a reality.

Here are three home transformations that would make excellent gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Wine Cellars & Storage

Wine cellars are much more than just storage places – they’re a place of gathering and a staple in your home design. Wine cellars are an essential part of every dining and drinking experience that you have in your home. 

By helping to keep these items clean, organized, and in peak condition – custom storage solutions are perfect for wine lovers to help them enjoy each glass at its highest quality.

Custom Wine Cellars

Well-kept cellared bottles bring out each wine’s best flavors and qualities. This is what makes a wine cellar in the home a must for any wine-lover. At Harkraft, our custom-built, climate-controlled wine cellars are the perfect way to store vulnerable vintages and expensive bottles.

Turn someone’s assortment of wine into a stunning showpiece for the best Christmas gift a homeowner could ask for!

Wire Racks

Wire racks are a relaxed sense of class to any home; they welcome guests and bring an aged aesthetic that makes your home feel cozy. They are also a great tool for safeguarding a wine collection. Harkraft uses strong, sturdy, and elegant wine racks that are custom-designed to meet any needs for wine storage.

For wine collectors that have from 5 to 500 bottles of wine, Harkraft can build the perfect storage space for your wine collection. We will help sort through storage needs – and then design a custom-built wine storage solution perfect for anyone’s vision – and an amazing gift!

Bedroom Storage and Shelving

The best bedrooms are warm, cozy, and perfectly designed for your storage needs. With the right storage solutions, you can organize clothing, spare blankets, and other items easily.

Bring a sense of elegance and extreme comfort to one of the best spots in the home.

Custom Mirrors

Is your spouse looking to bring some beauty and openness to your bedroom? If so, it’s time to look into designing a custom-cut mirror. At Harkaft, we offer custom-cut mirrors in almost any size or shape imaginable to reflect your unique project’s style. Our mirror solutions are also easy to install with our simple clip system.

Wire Shelves & Wood Cabinets

Rubbermaid wire shelving is simple, stylish, and easy on your budget. This storage option provides plenty of vertical storage space, opening up the room while minimalizing clutter. Wire shelving is flexible enough to suit any space and can hold up to 75 pounds per foot – making it more than a perfect match for most bedroom storage needs.

Custom laminated wood cabinets and shelving are a fantastic way to create more space in your bedroom. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, these storage solutions will help you manage clutter, organize items and enhance the aesthetic of your space.

Laundry Room Organization

Laundry rooms are infamously difficult to get organized. Especially in homes with large families. It’s important to consider what your organizational needs are as a family for this space.

You want this space to be functional and easy to access storage, cleaners, and other items.

Effortless Organization

Custom cabinets and shelving are perfect solutions for storing clothes while keeping track of stain removers, fabric softeners, and other essential laundry supplies.

These storage options can help you create a more organized and space-efficient laundry room, making it easy to manage, sort, and wash clothes and linens. Most importantly, Harkraft’s storage solutions are tough, flexible, and simple to install.

Storage Solutions

Rubbermaid wire shelving offers plenty of vertical storage in your laundry room, leaving more floor space to work with. With multiple shelves, it’s easy to sort cleaning supplies, store different types of clothing, and find the exact items that you need to find quickly. 

Custom-built laminated wood cabinets and shelving solutions to match the form and function of the home’s laundry space. These sleek, strong, and stylish storage options are perfect ways to store clothing or hide laundry items away from sight. 

Call in the Experts for a Valentine’s Gift Surprise

When you are ready to start planning Valentine’s gift for your spouse, this is a perfect time. It’s the best gift for any organization lover or some who has just been dying for an update to an area of the house.

This gift is one that will never be forgotten and helps the home that you and your spouse share and will continue to grow with and make memories in throughout the years.Contact us today to get a free consultation and get a quote for getting started on the best Valentine’s Day surprise ever.