The 4 Best Ways to Combat Clutter Throughout Your Home

Clutter can be a recurring hassle for years. Even the cleanest of families can find themselves regularly scooping up the disarray of clothes or tools or junk mail; as if the cycle is neverending. But there are ways to combat clutter so it’ll never return – or, at least, so it isn’t as common. 

Kids toys, sentimental knick-knacks magazines with the unfinished crossword puzzle – you don’t want to throw them away, but they can’t exactly sit around. Well, with just a few adjustments to your home spaces, you’ll be more organized in no time. Stick around to learn the four best ways to combat clutter throughout your home. 

1. Update Your Cabinets and Cupboards

Updating old cabinets and cupboards can be an easy fix for excess clutter in your home. Dated cabinets may not be fully utilizing the space they hold, or they may be taking up too much space against a wall or adjacent to a kitchen. A few quick updates to these elements could bring more efficiency into your garage, kids’ room and even bathroom. 

2. Install Wire Shelving 

Wire shelving has been the king of storage-related shelving for years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you don’t have wire shelving in closets throughout your home, it’s time to get started. Durable and cost-effective, wire shelving is an obvious choice for homeowners looking to combat clutter. 

The best part? Wire shelving works in every space of your house. From bedroom closets to the wall of your garage, there’s no space where it cannot function as a multi-faceted solution to clutter and disorganization. 

3. Bring in New Storage 

Storage, storage, storage. It’s usually the first thing on a homeowner’s mind when they find themselves up against the vicious cycle of clutter: “If only I had somewhere to put this…” We’ve tackled the benefits of updating cabinets and cupboards, but there will be times when families require a little more. 

Adding new storage to your home may sound like a hassle to some – after all, every space has its limits and you want room for lounge furniture and desks and end tables. But you may be surprised what spaces can be utilized for storage. Reach out to a professional and they’ll surprise you with the ways your rooms can be made more functional for storage solutions.

Common rooms and spaces in need of extra storage include:

  • Kids rooms
  • Kitchen pantries
  • Garages
  • Wine cellars
  • Mudrooms 

4. Add Function to Your Workspaces 

There’s nothing quite like taking advantage of what’s already at your disposal. Have a garage or room for crafts? Add a workbench! The nuisance of clutter doesn’t stand a chance when pitted up against functionality. Pegboards, cabinets, new drawers – the next thing you know, you’ll have a space for all those miscellaneous tools that plagued your home. 

Customized Storage Solutions From Harkraft

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