The 4 Best Wines to Keep in Your Wine Cellar

Adding a wine cellar to your home or including a wine cellar in your new build is an exciting way to make collecting and enjoying wine accessible and successful. Whether you’re aging wine for later sale in the auction world or you like to visit vineyards and ship home a case of your favorite wines, you may have wondered what else to keep on hand in your wine cellar to maximize your wine experience. Keep reading for some suggestions. 

Wine You Reach for Again and Again

One of the advantages of having wine storage in your home is that you can always have your favorite bottle of wine on hand to enjoy at the end of a long day, to pair with dinner, or to share with friends. You probably know what your favorite wine is, and you should feel empowered to keep yourself well-stocked. It might be a sophisticated California Cabernet Sauvignon or a pretty straightforward and inexpensive bottle of your favorite pinot grigio or anywhere in between. You know what you like. Take advantage of the holiday sales or promotions or case discounts to stock up when you can. 

Wine to Celebrate

The beauty of a great glass of wine is that it can turn any occasion into a celebration. The best wine to buy for parties and celebrations is a wine that you would reach for to commemorate good news or a special event. There’s maybe nothing more glamorous than knowing you’ve always got a case of good French Champagne chilled to perfection and ready to pop. 

Do a little research to figure out what bubbly to have on hand. This is the kind of research you can really enjoy! You really can’t go wrong with a toasty French classic like Montaudon Brut. You’ll never regret having this bubbly around, and if you need to make the end of the workweek a little celebration, a glass of bubbly will set the mood. If you want to explore American sparkling wine, consider Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs. It’s beautiful and earthy and has also been served at official State functions at the White House by every Presidential administration since Richard Nixon’s.

Wine to Save and Savor

When you’ve got a wine cellar, you’ve created the ideal space to collect and savor wine that makes you happy. When you travel and enjoy a perfect afternoon in a Tuscan vineyard, send yourself a case of the wine that you enjoyed so you can open a bottle in the dead of winter to conjure the sweeping views and cypress trees. 

If you’re having dinner out at a friend’s house or a new restaurant and the sommelier recommends the perfect wine to enjoy with your whitefish or your perfect steak, take notes, Buy a bottle for your home cellar so you can recreate the experience next time you grill a steak or enjoy your favorite pasta. 

Maybe you love it, and perhaps you don’t, but you have to admit the history of Beaujolais nouveau is fun and fascinating. It may be the only wine that has its own holiday. Most people will find this crisp, fruit-forward wine easy to enjoy and perfect for the holiday gatherings that happen soon after its release every year. Keeping a few bottles in your cellar is not something you’re likely to regret.

If you built a wine cellar primarily as a place to age wine that you hope to sell in the future or wine that you can’t wait to enjoy once it has aged to perfection, there are many resources for choosing which bottles of wine are worth the time and effort of prolonged aging. Be sure to work with an expert when designing and installing your wine cellar to include climate control and storage that’s suited to your interests. Consider insuring your wine collection separately from your homeowner’s policy as your collection increases in sentimental or financial value.

Wine to Share

Having a wine cellar means never having to run to the wine shop on a Friday night when you decide to have seafood for dinner. Be sure to keep on hand some wine that you love to serve with a variety of dishes. 

Most people have a favorite wine to enjoy independent of a good meal, but there’s something to be said for considering what you’re serving for dinner when you choose a bottle of wine to open. Take notes at restaurants when you discover something great or talk to a knowledgeable friend or passionate wine seller for recommendations. Keep a few bottles of wine around to open with lighter fare on a sunny afternoon and a spicy Australian shiraz you love to pair with a beautiful winter stew.

Work With Wine Cellar Experts

If you’ve been dreaming of adding a wine cellar to your home or you’re planning to build in the future, Harkraft can help. We’ve become the local experts at designing and installing wine cellars, and we can walk you through the entire process from design to installation to cheers. Contact us today to get started.