The Modern Wine Cellar & How to Get the Best One for Your Home

Looking for a modern wine cellar design to complement your home?

Your wine must be stored in climate-controlled facilities in order to keep it at its peak quality. A wine cellar is a storage area for wine bottles and barrels that makes for a great addition to any home. These cellars protect wine from temperature and humidity changes, too much light, or other external factors.

Picture a perfectly laid out cellar with a variety of well-known vintages or even some fun modern blends, all stored in top conditions with the perfect custom wine shelving solutions combined with your unique wine ideas.

Here are some ideas to get the best wine cellar that you can dream up for your home.

Organization and Presentation

The way that you choose to organize your wine collection should be done in a way that tells a story. At the same time, you want to be able to grab your favorite bottles within seconds. You should never have to pull out bottle by bottle in order to figure out what it is!

You could sort your wine collection by region (French, New York, Napa Valley, etc.); grape varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, etc.); and wine type (red, white, sparkling).

It’s important to stop and consider what you envision for your custom wine shelving and how to make your vision a reality with laminated wood shelving and modern (or classic!) designs.

Pick the Right Location

One of the first aspects of starting your wine cellar is deciding where in the home it is going to be based on the layout, lighting, and accessibility from the living room or kitchen.

The basement can be an ideal spot to build your cellar. It’s easy to maintain consistent temperature and humidity there. Under-the-stairs is another crafty space that you could utilize for some unique wine ideas.

Where in your home will your wine display truly stand out as a beautiful design on your home? Or will it be a cool addition to the basement possibly near a home bar setup?

Customized Wine Storage Solutions

Perfectly cellared wine bottles bring out the best of each wine’s flavors and qualities – making these a must-have for any wine enthusiast.

Custom-built, climate-controlled wine cellars are the ideal way to store expensive and vulnerable vintages as well as turn this into a stunning showpiece in your home. 

You can finally make your unique wine ideas a reality with storage solutions with laminated wood shelves and cabinets which will bring an elegant finish to your wine cellar.

Keep Wine Bottles Away from Intense Vibrations and Light Exposure

A basement can make for a perfect spot for your wine storage as there is minimum footfall and the vibrations are typically low. In a wine cellar or cabinet, be sure to store bottles far away enough from the door so they do not raddle with each open and close.

You also want to find a sound way for you to store bottles individually instead of being stacked one over the other. This way you won’t have to move others out of the way just to get to the one that you were trying to find.

Custom Wine Racks

Wine racks bring a great sense of class to any space in the home. They are also a good tool for safeguarding your wine collection. Harkraft offers strong, sturdy, and elegant wine racks that are custom-made to match your project needs and visible style.

Beautifully designed wine racks are a perfect way to add some class and tons of functionality to your wine collection and can be a great addition to many different rooms of the home.

Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Cellar

If you are wanting to avoid using too much square footage in your home, you may want to consider a vision for vertical storage options. You could place a rolling ladder against the wine wall in order to easily allow access to your bottles – it’s a wine lover’s dream come true.

Custom wine storage for your cellar or cabinet will create a beautiful feel to your home and a constant sense of relaxation will always be a short distance to enjoying some vintages with family and friends.

Get the Best Wine Cellar with Harkraft

Harkraft is the largest locally owned provider of wine cellar design and installation.

We have the experience and know-know to help you sort through the possibilities and put your vision into a reality. Let us help you find the perfect sport to incorporate a wine cellar into your home or talk to us about planning your dream cellar! Contact us today to get started.