These Home Updates Are the Perfect Christmas Gift

Do you have a loved one who is a new homeowner that you want to surprise with a great gift? Making a house a home is a long process. There are certain projects that are fun to do over a weekend to make memories and bring that personal touch to your space – but there are some great home updates that can be crafted with the help of some professionals.

So what would be a better holiday gift than updates to some of the most important rooms in someone’s home? From wine cellars to bathrooms, Harkraft is here to help make a homey vision come true.

Custom Wine Cellars & Storage

Pantries and wine cellars are more than just storage places – they’re a place of gathering. They’re an essential part of every dining and drinking experience that you have in your home. By helping to keep these items clean, organized, and in great condition – custom storage solutions are perfect for wine lovers to help them enjoy each glass at its absolute best.

Custom Wine Cellars

Well-kept cellared bottles bring out each wine’s best flavors and qualities – which is what makes a wine cellar in the home a must for any wine lover. At Harkraft, our custom-built, climate-controlled wine cellars are the perfect way to store vulnerable vintages and expensive bottles. Turn someone’s assortment of wine into a stunning showpiece for the best Christmas gift a homeowner could ask for!

Wire Racks

Wine racks are a calming sense of class to any home; they welcome guests and bring an aged aesthetic that entices coziness. They are also an excellent tool for safeguarding a wine collection. Harkraft uses strong, sturdy, and elegant wine racks that are custom-designed to meet any project’s needs for wine storage.

For wine collectors that have 5 to 500 bottles of wine, Harkraft can build the perfect storage space for your wine collection. We will help sort through storage needs – and then design a custom-built wine storage solution perfect for anyone’s vision. 

Garage and Workplace Storage

Garages and workplaces hold a variety of items, making them a perfect place for creating clutter. Crowded desks, unused vehicle supplies, and boxes of forgotten household items are just a few of the kinds of messes that can develop in these spaces. With a free consultation and estimate, Harkraft will help you find the perfect storage solution that is great for Christmas and right for your budget.

Wire Shelving

We use Rubbermaid wire shelving that offers ample storage for both garages and workplaces alike. These flexible, budget-friendly solutions can fit into almost any space. These shelves can hold up to 75 pounds per foot of garage tools, office supplies, and other items. 

Whether a garage is getting out of organizational control or maybe a workspace is being created in these spaces – Harkraft’s wire shelving has got it covered.

Laminated Wood Cabinets & Shelving

Harkraft offers wood shelving and cabinets in a variety of designs, bringing both style and utility to a loved one’s space. These laminate units offer a “built-in” look and are custom-crafted to meet the exact dimensions and storage needs for the project. 

Wood finishes come in a variety of options to match the aesthetic of the space. Use this holiday season to bring someone the workplace of their dreams!


Workbenches are the perfect way to make the most out of garage space. Harkraft offers multifunctional workbenches that provide plenty of space for almost any garage project.

If you know someone who has been dying to redesign their garage for the new year – this is the perfect time to bring someone a gift that they won’t see coming!

Kid Spaces

When it comes to kid bedrooms and play spaces, standard storage just never seems to cut it. Custom storage solutions are the best way to go when creating the most functional space for children. Shirts and shoes begin to pile up on the floor, toys get lost and shoved deep into dark corners, and it becomes harder and harder to get the toys that a child needs.

Any parent’s dream would come true with our custom kids storage solutions. We offer a range of shelving and closet options that create cleaner and more organized spaces for the whole family – which means more room for activities!

Organization meets Fun

There are hundreds of different storage solutions on the market for kids areas – it can become confusing to even know where to begin with choosing the right products and services. This is where Harkraft can help you get ready for the season! With a free consultation and estimate to help explore possible solutions with our wire shelving and laminated wood cabinets, we will find the right plan for home updates to bring to life the perfect vision.

Call in the Experts for the Perfect Christmas Gift

When you are ready to start planning the best gift for someone’s first home, someone who’s been dying for home updates, and organizational lovers! This gift is one that will never be forgotten and helps someone make a house into a home.

Contact us today to learn more about our decades of experience in home and storage remodeling.