Tips for Getting Your Spring Cleaning Done Before the Nice Weather Hits

With flowers blooming and temperatures rising, it’s easy to see that spring is here. Summer’s right around the corner and those long, warm days are going to hit before you know it. It’s now-or-never to get that spring cleaning done so you can focus on enjoying the nice weather.

It’s great to throw open your windows and air out your home after keeping it locked up all winter long. Many people enjoy giving their home a good spring cleaning, but aside from the usual dusting, vacuuming, and mopping, what else is there to do?

If you want to give your home a thorough clean or need some home organization ideas, but you’re unsure of what to do, then read on because we’ve got some tips for how you can get your spring cleaning done. 

Tip #1 Use Vinegar To Renew Your Fixtures

Vinegar is something that most people have in their cabinets. It’s an amazing multi-purpose resource that can help you clean your stainless steel fixtures and make them look new again.

Using natural cleaning solutions is a great way to get your home ready for the summer and vinegar can help you eliminate hard water stains, soap, and scum build-up, and can even be used on your windows for a streak-free clean.

Mix equal parts vinegar in water in a bucket or empty spray bottle and go to town! Spray the mixture on your windows or mirrors, showerheads, faucets, and any other appliances that need a good clean. 

Leave the vinegar to soak for a few minutes and then simply wipe it away. Your appliances will shine as though they’re brand new again.

Tip #2 Freshen Up Your Laundry

A big part of spring cleaning is often going through your laundry. It’s time to put away those heavy winter clothes and pull out the summer wear. This would be a great opportunity to change up the way you’re storing and organizing your clothes.

Instead of shoving all your clothes in a closet and rotating what’s set aside in plastic bins, try adding some wire shelving to your closet instead! It’s a great place to store clothes that you want to be stored away and kept fresh. It’ll also be a lot easier to exchange those for the clothes hanging in your closet than picking through plastic totes.

Some people may be tight on space and struggling to find the space to store their winter clothes. A great solution to this is to buy some vacuum-sealable clothing bags. You can fit a ton of clothes in them and vacuum all the air out. It’ll keep your clothes fresh and you can fold them up and store them anywhere you have a little free space- including under your bed.

Tip #3 Tackle Those Deep Cleans

This is the side of spring cleaning that many people avoid, but it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle! Some deep cleaning can be done quickly and easily with a few simple tips.

One of the biggest projects is going through the house and dusting all your blinds, curtains, windowsills, and areas that haven’t been touched in months. Grab some dusting mitts, or make your own out of a pair of old socks. You can use both hands to quickly wipe the dust away from the surfaces that haven’t been used in ages, and then you can wash the mitts after for the next deep clean.

Another big project you’ll probably want to tackle during your spring cleaning is going through your refrigerator and freezer. It’s time to dig deep and throw away anything that’s expired, clean up any spills or leaks, and give all the shelves a good wipe down.

A great way to make this project go faster is to clean as you go! Start with the top shelves, pull everything out, sort through it, clean the shelf, and replace the items you’re keeping. Work your way down until the project is complete.

Get Your Spring Cleaning Done With Harkraft

A big part of spring cleaning is sorting through what you own and reorganizing. Harkraft can help you with home organization ideas, and we’re happy to provide you with some custom or wire shelving that will revitalize your home and get it ready for the summer.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our professionals. We’ll help you through the spring cleaning so you can focus on enjoying the nice weather.