Tips to Expand the Space in Your Reach-in Closet

We cannot all afford the walk in closets celebrities have so we need to make the best of what we have. Space is an important aspect of housing and given the number of clothes most of us have nowadays, closet space is crucial. Maximizing the space you have could save you money and make your place tidier. Though we all wish for bigger closets than we have, what we have is often enough.

Exercise your Creativity

The biggest tip for organizing closet space is to be creative. We often thing that artists and entrepreneurs were given the rare gift of creativity, but it is not true. We are all creative, but few of us use our creativity. The closet is one place you can exercise this gift. It is said that creativity thrives on limitation. Reach into the deep corners of your mind to find the solution to limited closet space. You will most likely come up with a solution tailor-made for your closet situation that you would not find elsewhere. Creativity will be generous to your purse and your clothes. Though it may not be easy at first, using creativity to optimize your closet space will help you in the long run.

Utilize the doors

There is a lot of room on both sides of your door to hand clothes on. Although, if it comes to this, your closet must be crammed. A door can have hooks on both sides where you can hang clothes especially large clothes like overcoats. A rod that spans the width of the door can also be installed and used to hang clothes on both sides. Getting extra use out of your closet door is a brilliant and very viable idea. On the contrary, your closet door could be a hindrance. If your closet door is taking up too much space, you can remove it. The extra space can be used for bigger items and smaller items like curtains can be put in the door’s place.

Use extender rods

Though it may seem jam packed with clothes, your closet still has a lot of space. These spaces can be made useful by using extender rods for example below a shelf and above the shoe rack. Such spaces are often left unused. The rods add hanging surface area to your closet. Get a rod for every such space in your closet and you will be surprised at the amount of space you get out of your tiny closet.

Utilize the shelves

Most people get very little out of the shelves in their closets. They should be almost full to the brim. They should be stacked enough to utilize space but not too much that you have a hard time finding your clothes. Folding and placing clothes is a crucial factor in shelf space. Fold clothes well so that they can fit exactly into the shelf spaces. Sometimes rolling your clothes may be a better option in fitting your clothes into the shelf. Do not put shoes on a shelf; that is a waste of useful space. Put your shoes on a rack. Shelves are a goldmine hidden in plain sight.

Hooks are your friend

Hooks will prove very helpful in optimizing closet space. Put extra hooks inside your closet to give yourself more hanging options. A single hook can take a couple of hangers so a few extra hooks could carry quite a good number of clothes. Hooks can also be used to hang some storage containers such as bag racks that within them carry extra clothing.

Shelf dividers

Shelf dividers are incredible little tools for organizing your closet. They help everything from clothes to towels fit better and more exactly into spaces. Shelf dividers can also make extra space under a shelf. You can hang them under solid boards and place light items inside them for storage.

Soda can tabs

We all drink soda but do not see the advantages of the can after we finish. Recycling a soda can does not have to be the most you do with it. The can tab can be used to join hangers together. In the manner stated above, a hanger can hang on another hanger instead of hanging on a hook or a rod inside your closet. Hooking hangers together is a major space saver all from a tab you would have thrown out with no second thought.


When trying to maximize closet space, functionality trumps beauty. Do not try to get so much aesthetic pleasure out of your closet while trying to fit as much as you can into it. You should accept that your closet will not look as beautiful while saving space.

The above tips should help you get the most out of your closet space. Once you achieve your goal do not be completely satisfied and seek ways to use your closet space better.