Top 4 Online Resources for Builders and Remodelers in Minnesota

Whether you’re a professional remodeling contractor or builder or a serious DIYer trying to decide whether to do a major remodeling project yourself, you’re likely to look online for resources to help you along the way. We’ve gathered together some of the top building and remodeling sites to get you started. Take a look!

DIY or Going Pro

If you’re a homeowner trying to decide whether to hire a remodeling professional or attempt to complete your basement remodel yourself, these online resources aimed at professionals can also be a huge help to you. Most will have a guide to assist you in deciding if your project is a project you can handle or if you would be better off letting the pros take over before you begin. 

City Websites

Your city or municipality likely has a variety of helpful information on the municipal site. Many will list upcoming events, such as remodeling fairs or builders’ showcases where you can meet professionals who specialize in the type of remodeling you are considering. You can often meet vendors showcasing products you’ll need to invest in to complete your project. 

City websites will also have code and permit information, which is something both homeowners and builders need to be aware of and can be confusing as requirements differ from place to place.

National Association of the Remodeling Industry

NARI is a nationwide association for professional remodelers started during Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act in the 1930s. More than 50 local chapters represent different areas of the country. NARI Minnesota is the second largest of all the local chapters, with more than 375 member professionals and companies who follow the guidelines of NARI. Members visiting NARI can take advantage of marketing tools, stay up to date on industry trends and current business tools, and search for rebates available to contractors. Professional members can take webinars and sign up for seminars toward industry accreditation or to continue to gain knowledge. 

Homeowners visiting the website can find a quiz designed to aid in the decision to hire a pro or determine whether a weekend warrior homeowner may be qualified to tackle a job. Some situations require specialized skills, and these sites can save you the trouble of hiring a professional to fix problems you’ve created. There is valuable information for remodelers on lead safety and energy efficiency as well as tips and trends for every project you might be considering. If you do decide to hire a professional contractor to do your project, NARI has resources to help you find accredited and vetted members to do the job. 

Parade of Homes

Parade of Homes is more than just a tour of gorgeous homes that makes everyone want to remodel or move! The organization operates several tours with different themes: the Parade of Homes, Artisan Home Tour, and the Remodelers Showcase. The website is aimed primarily at homeowners who are considering a home build or remodel but is also valuable for professionals. 

Keeping on top of what trends will be showcased on the Parade of Homes tour is a good idea for professional remodelers. Homeowners visiting the site can, like on NARI Minnesota, find builders or remodelers to consult with or hire for a project. Visitors to the website can search for vendors and companies who supply the things you’ll need during the process of building or updating a home. If you’re not even sure if you should remodel or start from scratch, the site has a tool to help you decide.

Housing First Minnesota

Visitors to Housing First Minnesota will find a variety of resources aimed at industry professionals. Professional builders and remodelers can sign up to receive a monthly look at housing market statistics and analysis compared across local and national markets. There is also a list of upcoming events such as the Building Industry Gala, which takes place each year and is where industry leaders receive awards and recognition.

The organization also runs Contractor University, where industry professionals can find resources on building and energy codes, learn about the latest in building science, and gain practical knowledge to apply to marketing and running a contracting business. Builders and remodelers can attend classes for credit or to stay on top of the industry.

Trusted in Minnesota

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