Update Your Bathroom for 2022 With These Simple Changes

It’s time to welcome in the new year, and a great way to do that is by updating your bathroom. It’s probably one of the most popular areas in your home, and you want it to reflect the personality of the rest of your home while retaining its efficiency.

Perhaps you need to find some new storage solutions, or you’re looking to do a major overhaul of your bathroom’s aesthetics. Either way, here are some simple changes that can help you get your bathroom looking fresh for 2022.

Get Organized

You’ll want to find some bathroom storage solutions that are stylish, yet private. After all, the items kept in your bathroom are your most personal things, and not necessarily items that you want on display for visitors.

Many of your most private toiletries are probably going to be stored away in your linen closet, but what about the items that don’t fit or that you’d prefer to keep out for easier reach?

A great solution is to look into customized shelving. Harkraft can work with you to identify the shelving that would work best in your bathroom and modify shelving units to be covered and private.

For items that you’re not worried about keeping private, such as towels and other random toiletries, you’re going to want an option that’s durable, rust-proof, and capable of holding a variety of items.

This is where Harkraft’s wire shelving can help. Wire shelving looks sleek, is easy to clean, and can hold all of your bathroom items in one convenient spot. It’ll look great with whatever theme you choose for your room while providing the functionality you need.

Choose A New Color Scheme

Maybe you haven’t updated the color scheme in your bathroom since you moved in, or you’ve added new fixtures and storage solutions that have caused you to rethink the design of your bathroom. Whatever the reason, picking a new color scheme for your bathroom is a fun way to spruce up your room and make it look brand new.

Choosing a new color will probably depend on the size of your room and the style of the rest of your home. You’ll want to make sure that any other updates you plan on doing to your bathroom, such as new fixtures or shelving, will match the theme.

Light colors are great for bathrooms and can help brighten up the space if it’s small. Once your space is painted in its new color you can add matching towels, curtains, and accessories to help bring the room together. 

Update Your Fixtures

A great way to give your bathroom a facelift and make it feel new again is to update your fixtures. When you decide to give your bathroom an overhaul you may have chosen a new color scheme or theme for the room, and you want your fixtures to fit in cozily with your bathroom’s new feel.

Harkraft is dedicated to providing you with customized bathroom fixtures that will match any design or theme you’ve chosen for your room. We can help you with custom mirrors, shower doors, and a variety of bathroom accessories. 

All you need is an idea of what type of design you’re looking for and Harkraft will do the rest. Updating your fixtures will help give your space a new look and ensure a cohesive theme throughout your bathroom.

Update Your Bathroom With Harkraft

Updating the spaces in your home can be an exciting project for the whole family, and an excellent way to welcome in the new year. Here at Harkraft, we’re happy to work with you to find new bathroom storage solutions, customized accessories such as custom mirrors or shower doors, and more!If you’re ready to do away with the old and bring in the new, then contact us today so we can get started on giving your bathroom the facelift it deserves for 2022. We’ll help you bring your bathroom up to par with the rest of your home and provide you with all the storage solutions you need.