What Are Some Bathroom Update Trends for 2020?

You’re not imagining it. You really are spending much more time in your house. Time at home is only likely to increase as the season turns colder in many parts of the country. Many people are reckoning with rooms that are no longer serving the family or are begging for an update. 

The bathroom is high on the list of rooms sure to get on your nerves if it no longer works. If you’ve been meaning for years to at least make updates to the family bath or master bathroom, these past few months of 2020 have probably made you very eager to make those changes. It can be overwhelming to undertake a renovation or even a cosmetic upgrade. Keep reading for six bathroom trends to think about while you consider your options for remaking your bathroom.

Showpiece Showers

People crave a spa experience when they enter their bathroom, and one way to guarantee that feeling of washing away the worries of your day is to upgrade your shower. Make it the standout feature of the room. 

Incorporating luxe plumbing features like multiple showerheads and steam are just one way to spoil yourself. Upgraded shower doors and enclosures allow you to create a custom shower with frosted or clear glass and framed or frameless doors that slide or pivot depending on your space and preference. In short, you can have a shower that’s beautiful to look at and an indulgence all at once.

Luxurious Accents

You might not be in the market or the mood for a total bathroom renovation, but upgrading a few stale features can change the entire mood of the bathroom. Swap out plumbing fixtures and accessories like towel bars and hooks for a significant wow factor without dealing with drywall dust. 

Install task lighting that’s as beautiful to look at as it is useful. Hang an attention-grabbing chandelier or modern fixture over the tub. Install warm lighting near the mirror to make makeup application easier. Under-cabinet and toe-kick lighting can serve as modern nighttime lighting with style to spare so you can say goodbye to plug-in nightlights.

Upgrade vanity mirrors to a customized shape, frame, or size to create a focal point in your bathroom. Swap out your standard square or builder-grade vanity mirror for something you’ll love every time you see it because you’ll see it a lot. 

Natural Elements

As we stay inside more and more, we’re craving nature more as well. Bring nature into a room you use every day by incorporating natural elements into your bathroom decor and reap the benefits of nature’s soothing power. Don’t underestimate the impact of a big, potted tropical plant to shift your mood. Choose a pot that accents your decor in an on-trend brass or matte black metal to tie everything together.

When choosing finishes for your bathroom, be sure to include some warm wood elements to contrast modern tile and hard surfaces. It can be as simple as a teak bath mat or an accent stool or bench in a complimentary natural wood. Or you can incorporate warm wood finishes into custom laminate cabinets or storage built right into the bathroom.

Clean Lines

If our collective time at home in 2020 has taught most of us anything about our houses, it’s that clutter is not soothing. Looking at a room with visual chaos causes most people stress, so make a plan to incorporate custom storage solutions into any bathroom upgrade. Install wire shelving inside existing cabinets or closets and include slide-out baskets or shelves so you can ensure everything has a place, and you can tuck everything out of sight. 

Room With a View

Whether your bathroom has a big window with sunrise views or something much less grand, it’s worth emphasizing that source of natural light. In a full-blown renovation, it will always be worth the investment to upgrade a tiny window, but even in a minor remodel, you can pump up the power of the window you’ve got. Position mirrors to reflect natural light or upgrade your ho-hum vanity mirror to a customized eye-catcher designed to reflect light around the room.

Tucked Away Toilets

These days, everyone is craving some alone time. Give anyone who uses the bathroom some privacy there if nowhere else in the house. Creating a separate small toilet room or nook is one bathroom design trend with staying power. Everyone who includes a private toilet in the bathroom will wonder why they didn’t do so years ago. 

Quality is Always on Trend

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