What The Perfect Garage Shop Looks Like to a Homeowner

Owning a home is a hard-won accomplishment in today’s world, and you deserve to celebrate. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a garage shop, and now you finally have the chance to turn that dream into a reality.

Creating the perfect garage shop takes time, a solid plan, and the right help to bring it all together. Before your garage shop is fully functional, you’ll need plenty of counter space, cabinets, shelves, a workbench, tools, and other equipment.

Let’s walk through how you can bring all these elements together to create the perfect garage shop. We’ll go over cool garage ideas to help you manage your storage space and organize all your equipment.


Anyone who’s had or visited someone’s garage shop knows that the workbench is your most central piece of equipment. That’s where you’ll build things, work on things, take measurements and draw out your ideas. 

You’ll need to develop some cool garage ideas to get your workbench to be functional and an extra storage spot! One idea is to build drawers into your workbench. You can use this space to store everything you need close at hand, like papers and pencils, measuring tape, nails, screws, sandpaper, and more!  

Dividers and organizing trays are a must for the smaller items in your workbench drawers. You’ll be able to finish a project twice as fast if you’re not ‌digging through a big tote to find a single measuring tape.

Another idea to up your workbench’s storage game is to add clips to the sides of your workbench. These clips can hold essential tools, such as small hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, or chisels. If that works with your workbench, you can use metal ones or screw some in instead. You’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips!

Tools & Equipment

You’ll need plenty of tools and equipment, whether you’re doing woodworking, metalworking, or other handyman work. These tools need somewhere to go, and the perfect garage workshop should have an organizational system that makes it simple to find and reach everything you need.

A classic for garage workshops is pegboards with outlines of your tools. This way, everything has its spot, and you’ll never forget where something goes. You can even use outlines that aren’t permanent, so there’s room to move things around if your garage shop needs to expand.

Shelves & Cabinets

You’re probably going to need shelving that covers an entire wall of your garage to provide enough space for all your equipment and work projects. Cabinets will completely take over another wall for further storage, and you deserve to have storage solutions that meet the aesthetics of the rest of your workshop.

A great option for storing essential tools and projects that you need access to is wire shelves. They can hold up to 75lbs per square foot and make it easy for you to keep all your spare parts and tools organized. You won’t have to worry about forgetting which cabinet you put them in and going on a search for a specific piece of equipment. All you have to do is look over your shelves and quickly locate what you need.

Some things in your garage workshop, such as important documents and almost finished projects, are better off being stored in cabinets. Laminated wood cabinets are perfect for this. You can stick labels on them to keep track of what goes where, and you can even customize them, so they’re lockable. They’re durable, easy to install, and have a perfect look for a garage workshop. 


No garage workshop is perfect without the proper lighting. You need bright light to help you see when you’re doing delicate work. Fluorescent lights are the most classic choice for garages, but LED lights can improve your visibility and help you concentrate.

Put your primary source of lighting over your workbench, where you’ll be doing most of your work. Consider getting an overhead LED light set-up that has a dimmer control. This will allow you to adjust the light’s settings to what suits your vision and the time of day you’re working the best.

The best part about these adjustable LED garage lights is that they often come with a remote! You can dim or brighten the lighting in your workshop with the press of a button! Now that’s a solution that will make your garage workshop stand out.

Create Your Perfect Garage Workshop

Whether you need custom shelving, cabinets, or a workbench, Harkraft is here to help. We’ll help you come up with a design that will help you get the best use of your space while providing you with affordable and customizable designs. Contact us today with your cool garage ideas, and we’ll get started on building your dream garage workshop.