What’s the Best Color and Tone for My Custom Cabinets?

Looking to update your kitchen or bathroom? You’ll want to choose a color scheme that will last for years to come. Choosing what will complement your custom cabinets is what will give each room some extra color flare to your interior design.

Here are some colors and tones to consider for your custom cabinets.

Color and Tones for Your Perfect Home Design

Sage Green

A kitchen with sage green accents can complement a kitchen or bathroom very nicely. The use of white quartz countertops with gold accents can bring a sense of glam to your kitchen. 

This color is light and breezy. It can bring a sense of ease to any area of the home with a fun pop of color. This is great if you are looking for some light tones that you want to be accented with a calming color.

Navy Blue

A dark yet fun color. It sets a tone for your home areas and gives a fun sense of a little drama to any kitchen or bathroom. It’s great and can match well with whites and grays.

This is a great design to choose from if you are wanting to make a bit of a statement. This would be an awesome addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or even garage. It’s so much fun. Blue is known to be a color to calm people down and put yourself into a state of relaxation.

Light Gray

Subtle yet always classy. A timeless color that makes any kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom feel beautiful and classic. It’s a standard that sense never goes out of style. 

It can match with almost any style or additional tone that you want to incorporate into the design of the room. There is a range of grays available to be considered and even though it’s a solid standard, it’s one that you can create to be your own home design.


Black countertops and counters bring a cool, dark sense of style to any kitchen, bathroom, garage, or even bedroom. This color can be a great tone to incorporate into any room that you feel fits.

This can bring a dark, gothic sense of style to any area but it can also make your bright colors really shine. Black custom cabinets are wonderful for rooms that get a lot of natural light. You want to show off and make a statement with cabinets like these.


Now, this is a timeless classic! This look has been around forever and always has a cozy feel to it. Wood cabinets are perfect for any kitchen, bedroom, or garage space. The wood tone of a kitchen is certainly in style – it brings a “farmhouse” feel to a modern home and that’s something that feels very homey.

It’s a traditional design that never falls flat. Wood cabinets are always offered in a variety of shades and designs for your exact vision in mind.

Don’t Forget the Custom Shelving

These colors and tones also need to be considered for your custom shelving needs in the home. After all, whatever you decide will be the color for your cabinets will most likely be the best match for your shelving designs as well.

Custom shelving is a must for practically every room of the home – kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, garages. There are many designs to consider for what will best suit your home and the style that you want to be set for the upcoming years.

Design with Harkraft

Custom cabinets and shelving can create or enhance the storage options in these tough spots of your home.

Figuring out the right setup or finding the best arrangement can be a big job. Harkraft has been helping homeowners find storage solutions for years, we’re always here to help you see the big possibilities. Trying to get these tones exactly how you want them to be can be infuriating on your own time. Now is the perfect time to call in our team of designers to make a project exactly what you need it to be.

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