When to Update Your Wine Cellar and How to Maintain It

The joys of having a wine cellar in your home are numerous. If you’re a dedicated wine collector or you love to enjoy and share wine with friends and family, you already know the benefits of building a dedicated wine cellar where your wine can age and be stored in ideal conditions.

If you move into a home with a wine cellar or built a wine cellar into your home years ago, it might seem like you can shut the door and forget it. Some occasions might call for an update to your cellar. However, just like you might periodically update any room in your house. Keep reading for some wine cellar ideas and some tips on wine cellar maintenance.

When Your Collection Changes

As you evolve, your wine collection will likely grow and change as well. You may have started with a very tidy collection easily stored in a modest wine cellar, but now you hesitate to bring back bottles from your travels for fear of running out of room. 

Or, you might have changed the type of wine you collect. If you previously outfit your cellar with shelving ideally suited to cabernets, but you find yourself collecting mainly champagne now, you should make adjustments to your storage and shelving arrangements.

The possibilities of custom wine shelving are endless, and the only limits are your wine cellar ideas. Plan for the types of bottles you want to store, display and enjoy in your wine cellar.

When Your Decor Changes

Once upon a time, you loved your wine cellar. Whether it’s a modest glass-walled modern masterpiece or you went for a Tuscan tasting room, your tastes may have changed. Think of your wine cellar as a reflection of your style. Swap out all your wine shelving and storage for a new look or talk to the pros about the possibilities of a remodel.

When You’re Ready For An Upgrade

As your wine collection has grown, you may have found that more of your social life revolves around sharing wine with friends and learning more about wine. If you wish your wine cellar was more than a place to store your wine but could also be a spot to host tastings or to enjoy a glass of wine with friends, consider adding on. 

People update their kitchens and bathrooms to reflect changing needs. Why not the wine cellar?

Talk to a pro about making your wine cellar ideas a reality. Re-create the tasting room at your favorite vineyard or envision something that complements your home decor’s clean style. Anything is possible when you work with an experienced professional. 

When You’re Adding Insurance

If you’ve become a more serious wine collector over the years, it is worth considering whether you should add an insurance policy that specifically covers your wine. There are different types of policies, and you should do the research to find out which best suits your needs, but many wine insurance policies will require that you store your wine collection on wine shelving that can handle the weight of the bottles. 

Insurers will also be interested in your wine cellar’s climate control system. While a cool basement is a great place to store a casual collection, most homes simply don’t have a zone that maintains the near-constant temperature and humidity that wine craves.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

It’s a good idea to make sure your wine cellar is regularly maintained. Take note of any changes in conditions like increased humidity or a temperature change. Pay attention after you experience power outages in your neighborhood or after someone accidentally leaves the door open for a weekend, making the climate control system work overtime. 

Partner With the Wine Cellar Experts

The professionals at Harkraft have become wine cellar design and installation specialists over many years, working with homeowners and builders. We can guide you through the process and help you bring your wine cellar ideas to life with custom wine shelving to showcase your collection and climate control systems to keep your wine safe. Call on us today to learn more.