Wine Cellar and Shelving FAQ

Having wine storage or a wine cellar in your home can seem like the ultimate luxury, but wine cellars are not one size fits all. Keep reading for some answers to questions you might have when considering wine storage in your home. 

Do I Need a Basement for Wine Storage?

Not necessarily! While wine storage at its best tries to generally mimic the conditions of a cellar or cave, it’s not necessary for wine storage in your home to be located in your basement. 

Suppose you’re hoping to install a wine cellar to age and care for a valuable collection of wine. In that case, it can pay to install the wine cellar in a basement to take advantage of the passive conditions such as a cool, fairly constant temperature. This will enable the climate control system that might be necessary to work a lot less to keep conditions in your cellar ideal.

Depending on the goals you have for wine storage, you might not even need to keep your wine in perfect cave-like conditions. Wine storage can be built into almost any room or space. All it takes is a design plan, wine shelving or racks, and an idea of the amount of wine you’d like to have on hand.

How Many Bottles of Wine Can I Store in a Wine Cellar?

You are really only limited by the amount of space you have to dedicate to wine storage. Talk to our design professionals to find out more about how many bottles of wine you can expect to store in the space you have available.

What Material do you Recommend for Wine Shelving?

Redwood is widely used for wine shelving because it’s strong, beautiful, and redwood naturally withstands humidity that may be a feature of wine storage. That said, many materials can be used to suit the design goals of your wine cellar, such as metal if that’s what you like.

When Should I Think About Wine Storage?

If you’ve begun collecting wine and your collection has grown to the point where you’re storing it all over your house, it’s time to think about dedicated wine storage, whether that’s a wine cellar or just a dedicated storage space with wine shelving. 

Even if you’re buying cases of wine as you travel and your only goal is to enjoy the bottles with friends and family, you can still benefit from a wine cellar or custom-built wine storage, so you have wine on hand. 

Less expensive and non-collector bottles of wine should still be stored properly on their side to keep the cork moist, away from direct sunlight, and at a reasonably constant temperature that’s not too hot.

What Kind of Bells and Whistles Are Available in Wine Cellars?

The only limit to your wine cellar is your imagination! Work with a company like Harkraft that can complete your project in-house, from design to installation. 

We’ll talk about your budget, space, and wine collection. From there, we can talk about the theme and style of your cellar, whether that’s a Tuscan tasting room or your vision in modern cool stainless steel.  

Include different zones for different types of wine, shelving for glassware, seating for entertainment and tastings with friends, and anything else you can envision.

Will a Wine Cellar Increase My Property Value?

In a certain tier of real estate, wine cellars are always a valuable addition to a home that will pay off at resale. Some luxury buyers have come to expect a wine cellar.

In most homes, some wine storage will add value to the home.

Do I Need Climate Control? Do I Need to Pull a Permit for a Wine Cellar?

If you’re not moving any walls or plumbing, you won’t need to pull a permit to install a wine cellar in your home. 

As for climate control to keep a consistent temperature and humidity, it might not be necessary for most people who buy wine that’s meant to be enjoyed within a few years. If you are collecting the type of wine you insure and means to keep as an investment, climate control is essential. For most people, a wine cellar can be an excellent way to enhance their enjoyment of their wine collection without the need for a climate control system. 

Design and Done With Harkraft

Harkraft has become the Twin Cities’ leading installer of wine cellars and shelving. We can work with homeowners from the ideas phase all the way through to installation. Take a look at our FAQ to see what else we can do to make your home storage and renovation dreams come true, and contact us today to find out more.