Wine Cellar Design

Whether wine collecting is your hobby, your passion or your obsession you need to provide the proper storage for those precious bottles. Wine is a living organism, it continues to evolve through the years and the right environment helps ensure that it will mature beautifully. A wine cellar should be designed to fit your needs – not just the collection you have now, but the one you envision.

Wine Storage Space and Location

wine cellar design

It isn’t necessary to devote an entire room to store your collection. A wine cellar the size of a pantry closet could hold dozens, perhaps even hundreds of bottles with the right design. However, the space devoted to a wine cellar could allow room for hosting tastings if that’s part of your enjoyment. Wine collecting is a luxury that many enthusiasts prefer to share. Any room that can be temperature and light controlled is suitable for a wine cellar, but a naturally cool place on a home’s lower level is ideal. The goal of wine cellar design is to recreate the original wine caves where wine can evolve without disturbance from light or fluctuating temperatures.

The Collection

Ultimately, the type of wine you collect should determine your wine cellar design. Not all wines actually need to be stored lying down, that’s typically reserved for big reds like Cabernet and Syrah that benefit from long years of aging. Wines that should be consumed in a less than five years can be stored upright in their original packaging as long as they’re kept in a cool dark place. An extensive wine collection with rare or expensive bottles deserves to be housed in an elegant cellar, but cases of modest, ready-to-drink wine don’t necessarily require special attention.

The Process

The first step in creating a custom wine cellar design is to speak with a designer knowledgeable in wine storage and discuss your current needs as well as your plans for the future. If you have big future plans but a small current budget, think of your cellar like a bottle of wine – something that can change and grow over the years. Plan for the right amount of space to begin with and as your budget allows you can add more racks, elegant embellishments and, of course, more bottles of wine.

Wine Cellar Design

Store your wine collection in style with custom wine cellar design and installation by Harkraft. Whether you need wine storage for a few bottles or 500, we can find the right wine cellar design for your needs. Lifetime warranty on all products and labor! Give us a call at (763) 544-4478 or contact us online to get started.