Wire or Wood Shelves: What’s Better for Closet Storage?

Closet storage can be hard to come by these days, especially if you have a smaller house. So making the most of that space is critical for keeping your house organized and clean, along with preserving your sanity. One of the components of closet storage you may think is trivial, but can make a big difference, is the type of shelving you use. There are typically two types to choose from – wood or wire closet shelving. Both have their benefits along with downfalls, and often one type is more suitable for a certain closet than the other. If you are struggling to decide or don’t know where to begin, we’ve got your insights to all things shelving.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is the perfect option for so many different areas of the house whether that’s your garage, pantry, or linen closet. The benefits to choosing wire shelving are what make it so great. Made with industrial grade steel, wire shelving is then finished with an epoxy coat, giving it a durable, smooth finish. With an epoxy coating, the shelves will not rust, discolor, or peel. Plus, it won’t become sticky over time, and resists chips, corrosion, and chemicals.

Not only is wire shelving going to last a long time, but it will provide plenty of ventilation, too. These ventilated systems provide increased air circulation, increased visibility of stored items, will not warp or collect moisture, maintenance free, and extremely durable. This makes them great for places that you’d want to provide plenty of air flow such as pantries, linen closets, or shoe closets.

Another great benefit to wire shelving is that there are several different styles and depths to choose from. They are also completely customizable to whatever area you need them for. Add wire shelving to that small hall closet to make the most out of storing extra blankets or towels without the worry of dust and debris build-up.

Wood Shelving

Wood shelving is another great type of shelving that can be utilized in many areas of the house. Wood shelving is durable and sturdy, and provides you plenty of options when it comes to finishes. A big reason you may want to choose wood over wire is if you are wanting a more high-end look for your closets.

With wood, there are so many ways you can go as far as design and it will typically look good in any setting. You can match wood with just about any decorations, making it a great versatile option for shelving. This works especially well if you have a walk-in closet, since wood can be a cost effective way to achieve more elegant design. Plus, just like other shelving, wood can be custom made to fit in any closet in your home. Create your own oasis with a custom walk-in closet.

Wood can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, no doubt, but it does require a little bit more maintenance. Without the ventilation properties that wire shelving has, you’ll have to dust and clean a little more. Plus, you’ll want to make sure that where you have wood shelving won’t be susceptible to too much moisture or heat, as it can warp the wood and cause break down.

That being said, if you opt for the wood shelving route, you’ll need to understand it requires a little more care. Taking the time to keep your wood shelves in top shape throughout the year will help them last longer. Only use cleaners that are specifically designed for wood when polishing and cleaning it though. Another tip with wooden shelves is to keep your heavier items towards the edges, or where the support of the shelf is. That way it’ll be less likely to sag or warp in the middle over the years.

Choose Your Shelving with Harkraft

When choosing your shelving, it all comes down to what you’re storing. While wood can be more aesthetically pleasing, wire shelving comes with less maintenance and increased air circulation. With help from Harkraft, you can choose the most efficient shelving for your needs and maximize your storage. Whether it’s wire or wood shelving, we can help you build the the perfect closet for storing shoes, linens, clothes, or food. Contact us today to get started on maximizing your closet storage!