Your Guide to Choosing Laminate Cabinetry

Embarking upon or even dreaming about embarking upon a home remodeling project or build is exciting. It can also be intimidating. There are a lot of details to consider at the outset and as you near the finishing line. Choosing your storage solutions might seem like a minor step, but consider how successful storage systems or lack thereof affect your daily life. No one likes having to move three things aside to find the platter they need, nor does anyone like stepping over shoes, backpacks, and baseball gloves every time they come in the front door. 

Successful well thought out storage is the solution to preventing these problems before they happen! Laminate cabinetry is an option to consider when planning nearly any building or remodeling project in any room of the house. Keep reading to learn a little more about the benefits of laminate cabinetry.

Benefits of Laminate Cabinetry

Simply stated: laminate cabinetry can do anything you want it to do, and that’s why it should be considered as an option for every project. Many people don’t realize that the high-end closet they see in the shelter magazine was built with custom laminate cabinetry or that the garage workshop you need can be created from a blank space with thoughtfully built and accessorized laminate cabinetry.

Completely Customized

Laminate is a versatile solution. Choose colors, finishes, and configurations to suit the space and your needs. Crisp white built-in drawers and shelving with brushed steel knobs and pulls can steer the mood of your master closet to one of serenity and calm. Banks of dark wood built-in armoires and hanging space for clothing can give that same master closet space a clubhouse feel. You can create the storage you need and carry the story of your decor into your storage spaces with custom laminate cabinetry.

Custom Accessories

By adding a wide variety of custom accessories to your laminate cabinetry build-out, you can make your storage fit your needs exactly. Add soft-close drawers with dividers, hooks for ties or belts, or custom-designed space for jewelry. Add a locking door to keep little hands out of the vintage handbag collection or include a wine storage system in the pantry that perfectly utilizes your available space. 

Custom Laminate Cabinetry Throughout the Home

Consider the ways that a custom-built storage solution could impact nearly every room in your home. Laminate might not be right for everything you envision, but it is always worth considering. You might be surprised! 


Perhaps closets are the most obvious place to consider laminate cabinetry, and there’s a reason for that. The benefits of laminate cabinetry customized to your needs can turn an awkward coat closet or an entire blank room into an efficient and beautiful closet. You know if you need hanging space or drawers, shoe storage, or custom shelving for a sneaker collection. When you know what you want, you can make it happen.

Kitchen and Pantry

There is perhaps no room more integral to family life than the kitchen and, if you’re lucky, the pantry. After all, it is the heart of the home and where people gather even if the big, beautiful living room is right next door. Custom storage in the kitchen and pantry can make the difference between having all the things you need at the tips of your fingers or diving deep into lower cabinets looking for a lid or platter you use rarely. You know how your kitchen and pantry work for you – or how they don’t work. Custom shelving and accessories can make your wish a reality.

Mudroom and Entry

Walking into the house and doing an obstacle course of sports equipment, umbrellas, and the dog’s leash every single day is likely to put you into a bad mood, and that’s probably not the way you want to start your evening. Once again, laminate cabinetry customized to the needs of your family is a great solution. If you live in the north and spend six months of the year peeling off layers of outerwear every time you come home, you’ll need a dedicated place. If you’re in the desert, your entry storage needs will be very different. 

Garage and Work Spaces

The garage can be an afterthought when it comes to creating attractive custom storage solutions, but it doesn’t have to be. The garage is also one of those spaces you’ll likely need to deal with every day. You need to get your car door open without knocking over a bike! Maybe you want to work on woodworking projects, but you have no place to put your tools. Treat the garage like another room in your house that deserves custom solutions. Hooks and high shelves can get rarely-used things out of the way, and locking cabinets can keep paint and expensive tools safe.

Harkraft Knows Laminate Cabinetry

Harkraft has been working with builders and homeowners to create ideal storage solutions for decades. We know the possibilities for laminate cabinetry are nearly endless, and we can help you refine your vision. Contact us today to talk about your options or to schedule a free consultation. No one has ever been sorry they created the right storage.